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3 Things to Look For in a Moving Company

When it comes time for you to relocate, hiring the right moving company is key. With so many options to pick from, knowing what to look for in moving companies can help simplify your search. Here are three key things to look for to find movers you can trust to handle your belongings.

1. Excellent Ratings and Reviews

Before calling a moving business, hop online to read reviews and check ratings of moving companies in your area. Look up companies that specialize in the type of move you need, whether it's a long-distance, interstate, or local move. According to Forbes, nearly 85% of movers remain in their local area or county. Make sure the services you need reflect those on the company's website. Pay attention to customer satisfaction scores on third-party review sites to get a feel for companies' reputations. Research will give you a starting point to know which movers may be best qualified to meet your needs.

2. Dependable Emergency Services

If you're in a situation where you're unclear about your concrete move-out date, it pays to find a business that offers emergency moving services. Here at Move Along, we offer emergency house cleanout services, ensuring our customers can get the help they need at all hours. For all jobs big and small, our team is on standby to help take the stress out of moving.

3. Clear, Well-Written Estimates

While instant online quotes are helpful, it's ideal to have moving companies visit your home to see your items and space firsthand. During in-home estimates, movers can fully assess how much stuff needs to be moved, the difficulty of accessing spaces, the distance to load and unload trucks, and other important factors that influence cost. Professional estimates account for all details that generic calculators miss. Our team at Move Along is happy to provide free estimates for our customers, helping you know exactly what to expect on moving day.

The moving process already brings enough stress without worrying if your items are in good hands. By paying attention to key details, you can find experienced, responsible movers you feel comfortable trusting. Confidently choose a moving company using this advice, so your focus stays on the excitement of your move. If you're looking to hire a moving company for an upcoming move, reach out to our team at Move Along today for an estimate. We look forward to serving you!

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